Sherrie Chai, started her career as a stewardess in Malaysia Airlines. Fulfilling her dream to travel around the world for free and had a high time of enjoying and live according to the YOLO principle. As time goes by, she felt that she needed a change in life to have more income and stable lifestyle. That’s when she started her career as Real Estate Negotiator for about a decade ago. Previously a real estate negotiator at one of the leading real estate agency in Malaysia, she made the switch to Unity Realty to further develop her passion for helping people beyond her personal networks find their ideal homes. Now the owner of three properties, all her properties earned her great rental return and appreciation of buying property for investments over the past decade. Here are her three pro tips on how you too can apply:

  1. You are The BOSS
    It’s your money, you decide and refrain the urge to ask for advice from others on buying property: given bad economy situation, you’ll probably encounter naysayers who’ll tell you to wait and market is not getting better. Apparently, when you visited showroom or based on any sub-sales supply and demand statistics, you can probably see for yourself that it is now buyer’s market as developers are throwing out more freebies and creating extraordinary marketing plan to push out all unsold units. Cash is king now in property investment, if your finances allow and you’ve received pre-approved loan from a bank, and are looking invest in property over the long term, don’t delay. Speak to your real estate negotiator or go to that showroom where the area and properties that interest you.
  2. Get Smarter People in this Area of Expertise for Help
    You may be good in your field but if you are new in property investment, when you do seek advice, make sure it’s reliable. Make friend with experienced property owners at property investment seminars. When you’re surrounded by like-minded and experienced people, you’ll enjoy moral support and greater confidence when investing in property. Choose the right mentor and half the battle is already won and do make friend with property agent too—he or she can keep you updated on the best property deals in town.
  3. Old Properties is Gold
    Some people are put off by peeling off paint in the building, outdated design facade or potential water leakage of some older properties require hefty renovation costs. Although the new owners may need to fork out tens of thousands of ringgits for repairs and renovations, the price of their properties will often go up by at least 10 per cent after that. If we’re looking at a RM1,000,000 property, that’s a RM100,000 increase!

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